Wildflower Center staff offices are housed in the ranch-style Administration building. Within its deceptively placid walls, dozens of devoted environmentalists specializing in horticulture, plant conservation, invasive species, research and ecological design, education, membership, landscape restoration, communications and more work to ensure that the Center’s mission is served in all that we do.

Separated from the Library by a cool, shady breezeway (a common feature of Hill Country homes), the Administration building is also an excellent example of the green building techniques championed by the Wildflower Center. For instance, the building’s fire- and hail-resistant corrugated tin roofs — along with built-in funnels and aqueducts — facilitate rainwater harvesting.

Surrounded to the west by wildflower meadows and serene stands of native trees, this building is also home to the Center’s volunteer office. Our volunteers are a marvelous group who generously dedicate their time to the Wildflower Center: leading tours, helping shoppers in the Store, working in the gardens and much, much more.

In case of emergency, first aid is available in the Administration Building.


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